Thoracentesis and Paracentesis


The device is used to drain ascitic fluid and pleural liquid, it contains everything necessary for performing thoracentesis and paracentesis procedure (needles  syringe and collection bag).

We manufacture a variety of models with different bag volumes.

Products are customized upon request.

Reference Description Qty per box
H92000E TORASET 1-55 30 pcs
H92010E TORASET 1-80 30 pcs
H92020E TORASET 1-VER 30 pcs
H92030E TORASET2-55 30 pcs
H92040E TORASET 2-80 30 pcs
H92050E TORASET 2-VER 30 pcs
H92001E TORAMATIC 1-55 30 pcs
H92011E TORAMATIC 1-80 30 pcs
H92021E TORAMATIC 1-VER 30 pcs
H92120E PARASET 2 30 pcs
H92160E PARASET 5 20 pcs
H92200E PARASET 8 20 pcs
H92240E PARASET 12 15 pcs







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